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this is her favorite part of her business.

searching for natural fibers and giving them a new life. 

she will post blanks and finished garments here for you to choose from. 

these garments are priced based on the purchased price + the dyers fee. 

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  • cool wash by hand
    use a pH neutral soap                                             

    a detergent designed for delicates, an olive oil soap, Dr. Bronner’s soap or even soap berries work well.  

    Do not dry clean,

    Do not soak for long periods of time,

    Do not tumble dry.

     It’s important to dry garments flat, and ease into shape as they dry. Iron on a low setting or with a pressing cloth on a higher setting. Steaming will help with stubborn wrinkles.

    Do not hang in direct sunlight for long periods of time or your items will fade. of course it's okay to wear them on sunny days, but don't leave them in direct light for days on end.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.


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